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A Reform Congregation Serving the Greater Hartford Area

Temple Sinai is a Reform congregation, founded in 1956, serving the spiritual needs of the Jewish community in the Greater Hartford area. We continue to be a growing, vibrant congregation offering a responsive environment for religious needs, educational growth, and social interaction. Today, our membership is comprised of over 400 families and individuals from 25 communities: families with young children at home, single-parent families, the newly married, empty nesters, retirees, and single adults. We welcome the membership of interfaith couples, non-traditional families, and those who want to better understand and participate in Jewish life.

Please contact our Temple Administrator if you have any questions about us. She can be reached at the Temple office phone number, 860-561-1055, or by e-mail new-message24

Temple Sinai is a caring spiritual community, rooted in Reform Jewish practice and values. Acceptance, respect, and connection are at the foundation of our inclusive congregation. We embrace the rich diversity of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation of our members.

We are a community committed to study (Torah), worship (Avodah) and acts of loving kindness (Gemilut Hasidim) in an effort to become closer to G-d. Our congregation is engaged in formal and informal learning at all stages of life for the purpose of creating a robust and progressive Jewish identity. Our worship is joyful, participatory and filled with music to uplift the soul. Our emphasis on תיקון עולם‎ (Tikkun Olam, repairing the world) connects us to our own community, to Israel and to the larger world through volunteerism and social activism.

We provide the spiritual, educational and communal opportunities to learn, lead and grow our Jewish practice within the context of a vibrant congregation that passes its experience from generation to generation.

As our vision says, acts of loving kindness bring us closer to G-d and are we are actively engaged in תיקון עולם‎ (Tikkun Olam, repairing the world). Temple Sinai recognizes "communities" of many varieties in its service activities. Through our Social Action Committee, we initiate and support local and national service projects. It is also the committee's goal to increase awareness of social issues among our membership, and to encourage widespread participation in social service events. We are proud to join with those of other faiths to work toward our shared goals, as shown in this video:

You can find more information on the Social Action Committee's web page.


Upcoming Temple Sinai Events


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