Adult Education Newsletter (November–December 2014)

We have several upcoming events scheduled for this fall and winter:

  • Friday, November 21: Book discussion following the 6:00 p.m. service. The book will be My Promised Land,
  • Saturday, December 6: Movie night, The Lemon Tree, at 6:00 p.m. in the social hall. In addition to the movie, we’ll be having a pizza dinner (and, of course, Havdallah service). Reservations are required, and most be made by November 26. See the flyer in the November–December bulletin for ticket prices and more information.
  • January 11 and February 1: A two-part series on Caring for your Aging Parents.

We’ll also be polling the congregation for your ideas on programming as we begin planning for 2015–2016. There will be more on this in January.

CJ Hauss, Adult Education Chair new-message24

Mv Promised Land is a New York Times bestseller and was named one of the Best Books of the Year by the Times and The Economist. It won the Natan Book Award, the National Jewish Book Award, and the Anisfleld-Wolf Book Award.

My Promised Land is an Israeli book like no other. Not since Amos Elon’s The Israelis, Amos Oz’s In the Land of Israel, and Thomas Friedman’s From Beirut to Jerusalem, has there been such a powerful and comprehensive book written about the Jewish State and the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Ari Shavit is one of Israel’s leading columnists and writers, and the story he tells describes with great empathy the Palestinian tragedy and the century-long struggle between Jews and Arabs over the Holy Land.

While Shavit is being brutally honest regarding the Zionist enterprise, he is also insightful, sensitive, and attentive to the dramatic life-stories of his fascinating heroes and heroines. The result is a unique nonfiction book that has the qualities of fine literature. It brings to life epic history without being a conventional history book. It deepens contemporary political understanding without being a one-sided political polemic. It is painful and provocative, yet colorful, emotional, life-loving, and inspiring. My Promised Land is the ultimate personal odyssey of a humanist exploring the startling biography of his tormented homeland, which is at the very center of global interest.” — Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Israel.


The Lemon Tree is a story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her lemon tree field when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to her and tbreatens to have her lemon grove torn down. See the flyer in this bulletin for details and reservation information.