President’s Message (March 2015)

Dear Temple Sinai Members,

As all of you wish as well, I hope that by the time you are reading this bulletin we will be out of the deep freeze and promises of spring will come true! I would like to thank all of you for your patience and courtesy in dealing with the challenges of our driveway and parking lot. The amount of snow we have received, combined with the severe cold, has made snow removal and clearing of the driveway and parking lot very difficult. We do know that spring will come to Connecticut and hopefully these tough days will soon be a distant memory!

One of my goals as president has been to engage our membership in the Temple Sinai community to the greatest extent possible. This may include, but is not limited to, attending events, supporting our committees and groups, and attendance at services. I have frequently heard that members are not always aware of these events and special services and perhaps that is due to how we communicate. Many people have told me that they would rather receive our bulletin by mail rather than accessing it on line. To mail the bulletin first class to the whole membership in its current format would be costly. Therefore, we need to make some changes in order to have everyone receive the bulletin by mail. On March 8 Barbara Lederer, one of our past presidents, will facilitate a focus group to review our bulletin and identify possible changes. If you have not been asked to participate in this group, your input is definitely welcome. Please contact me by email new message24  with your suggestions, comments, and ideas as the more information we obtain, the better we can make the final product.

In addition to anticipating warmer weather, spring brings both Purim and Passover. These are both very special, unique holidays at Temple Sinai and I hope you will be able to attend and participate in both the Purim service on March 4 and our Seder on April 3. As always, complete details can be found in this bulletin.

And although May seems far off please put these two dates in you calendar:

  • May 3, which is our annual Mitzvah Day. As Reform Jews, we consider Tikun Olam, repairing our world, as one of our most important values. Mitzvah Day is an opportunity to practice that value with other members in a fun, meaningful way.
  • May 17 will be our annual meeting and the opportunity to hear a summary of the past year as well as plans for the future. As always we will approve a budget and slate of officers for the coming year. I hope you will be able to attend this as well.


Carol Benjamin, President new message24