Sisterhood Speaks (February 2014)

It’s a grey, wintery sky out my west window. It makes me want to curl up in front of my fireplace and never leave the house. Hard rain is washing away the grey, dirty snowbanks on my lawn. But bits of color and warmth light the wintertime.

One of them is the warm, satisfied feeling that Sisterhood members felt when they got together to wrap book at Bames and Noble in late December and made, not only monetary tips for the Sisterhood treasury, but friendships with their co-workers. Some of us knew each other already and it was good to share the new events in our lives. Some of us met each other for the frst time, and were warmed by the goodness of connection as we got to know one another.

We had a very successful fundraiser! Our goal had been to make enough money to cover our earlier donation to replace the Temple’s freezer. We were all very pleased to find that not only did we do so, but we exceeded the goal! This will help cover our expenses in the coming year.

Sheila Small did a wonderful job contacting Barnes and Nobel and getting the best dates, as well as recruiting and organizing the volunteers. Sisterhood thanks the many
women who participated in this fundraiser. They are:

  • Blanche Moskowitz
  • Roz Spiegelman
  • Barbara Marcus
  • Jacqueline Sturrn
  • Linda Smardin
  • Sue Austin
  • Estelle Gonsalves
  • Randi Blum
  • Joni Peterson
  • Carol Benjamin
  • Gail Slusarski
  • Sheila Small
  • Raquel Levin
  • Becky Levin
  • Jane Roth
  • Erika and Cindy Fenton
  • Ann Speyer.

Finally thanks to Barnes and Noble for giving many community groups this opportunity to raise support for their organizations.

On the first Sunday in December a few of us bounced out from under our warm quilts to attend the Sisterhood Snowsuit Swap at 9:00 in the morning. About a dozen of us came in to trade children’s snow apparel and schmooze with a cup of coffee and a little time together. Another cold winter morning became warm!

At the end of January, the parents of our younger students in Religious School were invited to get together for coffee and companionship. Thanks to Jonna Gerken for arranging this meetup. And thanks to the members of NFTY who volunteered to help out with child care for the toddler crowd!

And so, the sun creeps back into our world and winter begins to recede as each day’s light grows longer. Sisterhood looks toward the activities of March: a get together with the Sisterhood of B’nai Tikvah-Sholom to make hamantashen on March 9; and our March dinner meeting with speaker, Jim Goldman, Financial Advisor, on March 13. On Sunday, March 23, we will probably sponsor another morning get-together.

The spring will bring a very busy time for Sisterhood — and it will be here before we know it!


Ann Speyer, Sisterhood President new-message24