Sisterhood Speaks (March 2016)

Music for March!

Sisterhood members are invited to a very special evening of music lead by our wonderful pianist, Nina Miller, on Thursday evening, March 10, at 7:00 p.m. Pianist Nina will play for us and Impressario Nina has gathered together other congregant musicians to present this special evening of many types of music. I quote from Nina’s notes to me:

“The strength of our congregation is in doing things together, therefore the evening will showcase not just my playing, but others unknown to the most of us stars. Not to reveal too much, the Sisterhood and congregants who attend will listen to flute, recorder and vocalists.”

The styles of music will be varied, from religious to modern to classical, keeping the music flowing from many different directions. Kindly RSVP Email Sisterhood or please call the temple office, 860/561-1055 so we can set a place for you!

4th Annual Shabbat Dinner

The Annual Shabbat Dinner menu offers a full dinner which begins after the 6:00 p.m. Friday night service on April 15. Come join the congregation as we enjoy a meal of traditional kugel, roasted vegetables, salads, rotisserie chicken, challah and, of course, dessert. The cost for the meal is $12.50 per person. The food will be home made in the temple kitchen by the wonderful cooking crew of the Sisterhood. After dinner, we will celebrate Shabbat with traditional Shabbat blessings and songs.

Please watch for a reservation coupon in the April bulletin. We will need RSVP by April 10. We hope to gather members of the whole congregation together, young and less young, for this very special dinner.

Ann Speyer, Sisterhood President new message24