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A Reform Congregation Serving the Greater Hartford Area

וְעָ֥שׂוּ  לִ֖י  מִקְדָּ֑שׁ  וְשָׁכַנְתִּ֖י  בְּתֹוכָֽם

And they shall make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.

This verse from the Book of Exodus, found on the plaque of dedication in our Temple lobby, bespeaks the spiritual commitment of our Temple Sinai family.

First and foremost, our synagogue is our spiritual center, grounding us in our tradition and values. Temple Sinai is a flourishing, vibrant force within both the Jewish Community and the general community. It is a temple that adheres to the cherished values, beliefs and practices of Reform Judaism. Its members are dedicated and active, displaying a true commitment to our heritage. There is a warmth in this congregation that is felt by everyone who enters its doors, There is an abiding sense of the value of each of God’s creations and a deep desire and willingness to enable every person to feel dignity and self-worth.

Ours is truly a קהילה קדושה, a sacred and caring community. Temple Sinai continues to be a force in the community because of its serious religious standards, its excellent religious school, and its diversified adult programming. Temple Sinai was built on a foundation of devotion and love for Judaism. It has gone from strength to strength and will surely do so in the years to come. – Rabbi Bennett

UDPATE: February 4, 2022

The Temple Sinai Board of Trustees, staff, and clergy are excited to announce that we have developed a plan to return in person to our beautiful sanctuary. Our current plan includes appropriate protocols based on current CDC and State of Connecticut guidelines. As always, we continue to be guided by the principle of Piku’ach nefesh (פקוח נפש‎ ‘watching over a soul’) that Jewish law can and should be overridden for the sake of saving lives. 

Based on current COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates, and in anticipation of a continued downward trajectory for both, I am writing today to share two important announcements. 

  • First, in-person services at Temple Sinai will resume on Friday, February 18th. We are excited to welcome congregants back in person but will, of course, continue to offer Friday night services in a hybrid format for those who choose to join us via Zoom or Facebook. 
  • Second, after over a month of remote learning in our religious school, we are excited to share that we will return to in-person learning as of this coming Sunday, February 13th. (Students enrolled in the remote Wednesday classes with Robin Herman will continue to learn remotely on Wednesday evenings.) We have carefully monitored community metrics and are confident that we can provide a safe and warm learning environment for our students. Further details regarding religious school will be provided via a separate message from Marc Zimmerman to parents.

As a reminder, please note the following:

  • Everyone attending services age 12 and over must be fully vaccinated prior to coming into the Temple building. We continue to follow the science and, with guidance from the medical community, anticipate that this requirement will soon be extended to children under the age of 12 years as well.
  • Masks are required at all times when in the Temple building. This applies to everyone over the age of 2 years.
  • Please respect those who do want to remain socially distanced while on the Temple property.

We want to keep Temple Sinai as safe as possible. In addition to our social distancing measures, we have set up an email address that you can use to notify us if you or a member of your family (who has recently been in-person at the temple) tests positive for COVID. Please email to report any positive cases. This email address will distribute your message (only to our leadership team) so we can quickly contact trace any possible exposures. Thank you for helping to keep Temple Sinai a safe, warm, and welcoming community!

A sincere thank you to everyone for your understanding as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Amy Pinette
President, Temple Sinai Board of Trustees

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Temple Sinai is a Reform congregation, founded in 1956, serving the spiritual needs of the Jewish community in the Greater Hartford area. We continue to be a growing, vibrant congregation offering a responsive environment for religious needs, educational growth, and social interaction. Today, our membership is comprised of over 400 families and individuals from 25 communities: families with young children at home, single-parent families, the newly married, empty nesters, retirees, and single adults. We welcome the membership of interfaith couples, non-traditional families, and those who want to better understand and participate in Jewish life.

Please contact our Temple Administrator if you have any questions about us. She can be reached at the Temple office phone number, 860-561-1055, or by e-mail new-message24

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