Temple Sinai is governed by its Bylaws, which were adopted. and can only be modified, by the Congregation. The Congregation meets annually, typically in June, to

  • Adopt the budget for the coming year
  • Approve or disapprove a slate of officers, proposed by a nominating committee, for the upcoming year’s Board of Directors.
  • Discuss any other matters which might be raised by the members.

Day to day operations of the Temple are overseen by the Executive Committee, which consists of the

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past Presidents

The entire Board of Directors meets monthly to oversee the operations of the Temple. These meetings are open to all members of the Congregation, and time is set aside for members to raise any concerns they might have.

The members of the Board of Directors are the

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Financial Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Three Trustees at Large
  • Three most recent Past Presidents
  • Chairpersons of the following committees:
    • Memorial Park
    • Ways and Means
    • Housing
    • Investment
    • Membership
    • Adult Education
    • Religious Affairs
    • Social Action
    • Religious School
    • Youth
  • The Presidents of the
    • Sisterhood
    • Men’s Club
    • Chai Club

Copies of the annual budget and the Bylaws are available at the Temple Office..