Temple Library

Temple Sinai has a large and growing lending library, located in multi-purpose room off the lobby. It is supported by the Adult Education & Library Fund, and by gifts from generous donors. Donations of books are always welcome, but please no materials containing the name of G-d.

As the library has expanded, its range of items of Jewish interest has expanded as well. It now has collections in Hebrew and English of

  • Fiction by Jewish authors, or about topics related to Judaism
  • Poetry
  • Reference works (dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias)
  • The complete Talmud
  • Study guides to the Tanach (the Jewish canon)
  • Prayer books of different origins
  • Historical works
  • Biographies of important Jewish figures throughout history and modern times
  • Magazines
  • Music
  • Audio books
  • “Grandma’s Corner,” a collection of books for young children

Any member of the congregation is welcome to borrow from the library. It is accessible whenever the Temple building is open, and runs on the honor system.

Please come in and browse.