President’s Message

Dear Temple Sinai Members:

If you think that Torah Study isn’t for you, then you’ve never been to Torah Study with Rabbi Bennett! So, let’s debunk the reasons not to attend:

It’s inconvenient: Not true! Torah Study is now offered twice a month, once after Friday night services and once on Shabbat morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

It’s for scholars:  Fuhgeddaboutit!  There are no prerequisites for Torah Study. I really don’t know much about Torah, but I do know that Torah Study has added immensely to my spiritual journey.

I’m not “Jewish enough”: Not true! You’re at Temple Sinai because you have a connection! All are welcome. We value your perspective and your contributions.

It seems like a closed group: Not True! Rabbi Bennett and the Adult Education Committee have re-launched Torah Study with the hope of making it accessible to everybody.

It takes too long to prepare: No preparation required!  We start by reading the text. Together.

So, what really happens at Torah study? We get together to discuss our sacred text. We learn from our incredible teacher, Rabbi Bennett. And, we end up sharing our views regarding G-d, Torah, science, history, philosophy, ritual, and ethics. We grow spiritually, reflect on our beliefs, relax on Shabbat, and become friends.  And best yet, this all happens in one hour!

All the best,

Andrew Wizner, Temple Presidentnew message24