Religion School News (February 2016)

This month, the beautiful and fragrant almond trees are getting ready to bloom in Israel. On January 25, we will celebrate Tu B’Shevat, “New Year of the Trees.” We celebrate by expressing thankfulness for trees, harvest and the natural world. Many Jews plant trees at home and in Israel, eat delicious fruits and greens in celebration of the “New Year of the Trees.”

During this agricultural festival, Jews around the world consider our obligation to care for the environment and our sacred responsibility to share the fruits of God’s earth with all.

Upcoming events:

  • On Friday, February 5, the 5th grade class will participate in the Shabbat Family Service at 6 p.m. They are a very creative group and are excited to share their talents! Please mark your calendar for this special Shabbat service!
  • On Friday, March 4, the 6th graders will participate in the Shabbat Family Service. The 6th grades designed their own Tallitot (prayer shawls). Each student received a white silk scarf and created a design on it, drawn by using permanent markers. Students learned the meaning of the tzi tzit (fringes) as they knotted and twisted the fringe on four corners of the tallit to represent the 614 mitzvot. The beautiful and meaningful Tallitot can be worn on their Bar/Bat Mitzvot!

We want our Religious School to be a place of learning and friendship for everyone! Please contact me with any suggestions/concerns atnew message24

Rena Citron, Director of Educationnew message24