Religion School News (November 2015)

The 2015 Deborah & Morton Mitnick conference will be taking place on Sunday, November 1, at the Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford. The focus of the conference this year is “Learning Centered Teaching”. Dr. Zachary Lasker, Director of Melton & Davidson Education Projects at the Jewish Theological Seminary, is the keynote speaker. Theories behind how children learn will be explored. Teachers will better understand the learner’s perspective and improve their skills in applying these ideas in the classroom.

Religious School is closed on November 1 so that our teachers and teen assistants can attend this conference.

The teen Emissaries are scheduled at Temple Sinai once a month and will be at our school on Sunday, November 8, to bring Israel into our classrooms.

On Friday evening, December 4, the Kindergarten class and the 1st grade class will participate in the service. The Kindergarten class will help us usher in Chanukah by singing a special song. The 1st graders will receive their very own miniature Torah scroll at their Consecration Service! You don’t want to miss seeing the 1st graders stand under the Chuppah to receive their Torah scrolls!

There will be a vegetarian pot-luck dinner for the families of the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes following the service.

There is no Religious School Wednesday, November 25, and Sunday, November 29, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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I wish every one a Happy Thanksgiving. May we be grateful for our many blessings.

Rena Citron, Director of Educationnew message24