Sisterhood Speaks (February 2016)

So often I hear, “Sisterhood sounds good, but I don’t have time”. Even if you don’t have time, there’s another way to support women and Judaism. As a Sisterhood member, part of your membership dues goes to support the work of Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ). Reform Judaism has been a leader in the Jewish world in including women as full participants. We ordained the first female rabbis and cantors; our prayer books were among the earliest to be gender neutral. The work of WRJ goes on through lobbying, through funding, through support for special projects, here and around the world. So, join us for $30 and support the following:

  • Civil Rights: WRJ has led the Reform movement in support of racial equality, LBGTQ equality, the rights of people with disabilities, public education, immigration reform, gun violence prevention, employment rights, and criminal justice.
  • Economic Justice: As Reform Jewish women, WRJ takes pride in advocating for the most vulnerable. Jewish tradition compels us to work to end hunger, homelessness and poverty, and to encourage short and long-term solutions to economic injustice.
  • Environment: As Jewish women, we heed our tradition’s teachings to cherish the earth. WRJ is committed to safeguarding our natural resources, supporting research to repair damage from the past, and finding solutions for a sustainable future.
  • Women’s Rights: WRJ takes pride in its history of advocacy for women’s equality in the rabbinate, in the workplace, and in our society, raising voices for women’s suffrage and reproductive rights, and has taken a stand to end violence against women.
  • interfaith: Throughout our hundred years, WRJ has worked in conjunction with a variety of faith groups to promote mutual respect for our different traditions and to strengthen our work by joining together to accomplish shared goals.
  • israel & Global Affairs: WRJ is committed to supporting international peace efforts, human rights, and global health and development initiatives along with supporting the State of Israel, working to advance religious pluralism, and the peace process.
  • jewish Life: As a community of Jewish women, WRJ is committed to strengthening Jewish practice and family life, and to ensuring that our Reform movement continues to thrive for generations and generations to come.
  • Religious Freedom: WRJ celebrates the values of religious freedom that have allowed the Jewish community to thrive in North America and also strives to ensure religious pluralism internationally, so that all may freely practice their beliefs.

From: with permission.

Ann Speyer, Sisterhood President new message24