Sisterhood Speaks (May – June 2013)

For several months I’ve called this column “Sisterhood Speaks,” but for today I want to rename it “Sisterhood Shouts Out”!

The first shout out goes to the seventy Temple Sinai congregants who decided to sign up for the April 12 Shabbat dinner — to come out whether it was rainy, cold, dark, etc., whether they were busy, tired or the thousand other things that keep us apart from each other. We came together for a wonderful, sharing, caring, evening. With the Rabbi and Cantor leading, we chanted the Shabbat blessings together, sang about Shabbat’s angels of peace, and then enjoyed the food and friendship of a special evening.

The next shout out goes to the Sisterhood women who created the dinner. They peeled, boiled, stirred, scraped, chopped and prepared carrots, noodle kugel, a vegetarian pasta dish, cakes, strawberries, salads. They baked and roasted, sliced and plated the dinner so that its presentation was classy and smooth. They set tables, staffed the door, and helped with clean up afterwards. So, from all of us who enjoyed, here goes the shout out to:

  • Myra Wishnick
  • Jane Roth
  • Sue Austin
  • Carol Benjamin
  • Estelle Gonsalves
  • Maxanne Kass
  • Carol Kolp
  • Beth Laites
  • Becky Levin
  • Raquel Levin
  • Nina Miller
  • Joni Peterson
  • Joan Skydel
  • Gail Slusarski
  • Nancy Wineburgh, and
  • Madelaine White

A shout out, as well, to the husbands of several Sisterhood members who helped with serving or clean up. It was a pleasure to work with such an energetic, positive, capable group! And didn’t we have a good time doing it!

The third shout out goes to Rabbi Bennett and Cantor Gordon for leading the prayers and songs. They brought us in touch with the traditions of our families and friends over the generations who have thus welcomed Shabbat and the special time it offers us each week. Thanks to Joyce Sturm for helping with the reservation process and to Aurel Mucka for helping with set up and clean up after the dinner.

Finally, this would not be complete without a shout out to my two Shabbat Dinner Committee Chairs: Jane Roth for ordering and delivering the chicken and challahs, and Myra Wishnick for planning, organizing and shopping for this dinner with me. My thanks to you both!

It was wonderful seeing everyone together at the dinner. Hope to see you, and many more, at the next one!


Anne Spyer, Sisterhood President new-message24