Sisterhood Speaks (October – November 2013)

What a busy time of year it is! Selichot, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succoth and Simchat Torah!

The Rabbi and the Cantor have been leading us in prayer and celebration; Nina, as always, adding her beautiful accompaniments to enrich the services. But what goes on behind the scenes?

That’s where Sisterhood has been very busy. Raquel and Becky Levin have been in charge of setting up the onegs after the holiday services. Sisterhood members Estelle Gonsalves, lna Neiman, and one other “mystery baker” have brought home-made cakes for the break-fast.

Naomi Levenson is behind the magic that transforms our bimah into a festive harvest display with vegetables and other plants for Succot. And just in case you thought you can buy an etrog at Stop and Shop, it’s just not the case. Thanks to Madelaine White for making sure that the lulav and etrog are on the bimah in time for Succot and the flags are ready for Simchat Torah.

As I looked around at High Holy Day services, I saw so many members of Sisterhood helping — ushers, Foodshare volunteers, the calendar distribution crew, the drivers between Conard and the Temple. We are truly a Sisterhood giving to our community, making things happen!


Ann Speyer, Sisterhood President new-message24