Thanks to All Who Helped with the 2014 High Holidays


One of the very best parts of my work on your behalf is managing and coordinating the many High Holy Day projects and seeing all of you at services. Many of you volunteer your time and hard work with passion and devotion for what you do for the congregation. The Food Drive is a large part of what we do for the needs in the community. A hearty thank you to everyone who helped in this successful endeavor. Ken Speyer has been leading this project for many years, along with Ann, and we thank them for their hard work. Ken has already told you of our financial contributions and food weight. I add my voice in thanking Bob Pearlman and Nationwide Moving & Storage along with all who helped, too.

High Holy Day work begins in the summer.

  • In July, Aaron Reich, Dick White and Sheila Small labeled the coin envelopes, made copies of the many items you received with your High Holy Day tickets and covered the Temple office (in addition to other tasks)!
  • Brandon Levenson and Becky Levin took care of stuffing, labeling and alphabetizing the pledge cards
  • Becky & Raquel Levin managed the pledge envelopes at the high school
  • Tremendous appreciation to those who helped put together the High Holy Day packets:
    • Bernice Black
    • Phyllis DeMaine
    • Marion Hunter z”l
    • Naomi Levenson
    • Raquel, Moises & Becky Levin
    • Ina Neiman
    • Sheila & Joel Small
    • Ann Speyer
    • David Sturm

Many thanks to the Religious Affairs Committee and all the ushers who greeted everyone and gave you your prayer books (and then collected them after the services). Amy Pinette is Chair of the Religious Affairs Committee: thanks to Amy and our ushers

  • Bernice Black
  • Rich Bartell
  • Michele Cleinman
  • Andrea Leibman
  • Raquel, Moises & Becky Levin
  • Joan Skydel
  • Sheila Small
  • Irv Spiegelman
  • Stu Winograd

Moving the congregation along with all that we need for services is another project; many thanks to those who helped us in this endeavor (as they do year after year):

  • David Pinette, who volunteers his strength and truck
  • Aurel Mucka, our terrific custodian
  • Amy, Eliza & Lillie Pinette
  • Joan Skydel
  • Myron & David Sturm who bring the religious and ritual items to Conard (and back again! — twice).

On Yom Kippur Day, following the concluding service, Sisterhood sponsored the Break-Fast. Many thanks to Raquel & Becky Levin who co-chaired this for our members and friends who were at the service.

And finally, many thanks and our appreciation to Rabbi Bennett, Cantor Gordon, Ethan Nash, Nina Zilber, and Jeff Kreiger (our Kol Nidre cellist) who led meaningful, special holy day services for all.

All the best & Shalom,
Joyce L. Sturm, Temple Administrator