Thanks to Those Who Helped Make the Conclavette a Success

NUTSY thanks all the volunteers who helped make the Conclavette weekend a success. Thanks for being a host family, for driving, and helping to move teens from place-to-place. Thanks to the Tanen-LaFontaine, Goldman, and Sandler families who hosted advisors, too. A big thank you to Aurel, our wonderful custodian, who provided all the logistic needs for the entire weekend.

A very special thank you to Amy & David Pinette. Amy was the volunteer housing coordinator who connected host families with the attendees and identified drivers to help with transportation. David helped Aurel with setups, cleanups of the social hall and other rooms that were used, as well as helping as part of the kitchen crew, helping in the parking lot, and with registration!

Also thanks to

Abby Alter Staci Bachman
David Bachman Carol Benjamin
Rabbi Jeff & Debra Bennett Marlene Brodsky
Debbie Chen Cynthia Cook
Jane Cooper Rob Dulitsky
Marcie Ellis Cynthia Feivelson
Cindy & Erika Fenton Mary Frances Goldman
Sue Goldman Donna Gordon
Kimberly Jacobsen Elana Macgilpin
Amy & David Pinette Lee & Natalie Pollock
Ellen Rothberg Eliane Sandler
Naomi Scheinerman Ellen Rothberg
Eliane Sandler Callie Schnog
Allison Shell Jonathan Siegel
Adam Silverman Leslie Silverman
Joan Skydel Saul Spigel
Lisa Tanen-LaFontaine Jeri Lynn Turkowitz
Mike Youmans Laura White
Andy Wizner Alane Wolkoff


Following our November NFTY–NE Conclavette, which we were thrilled to host, we received the following message from Leah King, Regional Director of Youth Engagement for the URJ:

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for hosting NFTY–NE’s Fall Conclavette! It has been several days since the buses were unloaded, the last hugs were given, and the teens headed home, and I have heard nothing but positive things about your community!

Each and every member of the Temple Sinai community was warm and welcoming to me and the 270 teens who attended. Your volunteers, host families, and staff were so accommodating! Amy, Leslie, and all the volunteers throughout the weekend truly brought this event to life. It was a joy to work with Mitzi, whose enthusiasm and passion for the teens of NUTSY is an inspiration for all of us! Your entire staff was exceptionally helpful all weekend — Aurel especially worked with us every moment of the weekend, and often knew what we needed before we did!

Thanks to the efforts of all of these dedicated people, Conclavette provided an incredible weekend for the teens of our region. They loved the programming, written by NUTSY teens, and the time they spent socializing with each other in your congregants’ homes and throughout the Temple Sinai building. During the weekend, the teens spent hours thinking about self-confidence and community-building. They explored what makes them each unique, how they can share their individuality with the community, how to take care of their minds, bodies and souls, and how to take care of each other. The high quality of programming they experienced is a testament to the hard work your teens and staffput into this weekend. The work that Temple Sinai participated in this weekend is vital in our efforts to create moments of inspired engagement for our teens.

Thank you for loaning us your space, your staff, your community, and your energy for the weekend! Please pass my gratitude along to your entire congregation. I look forward to working with each of you again soon!

Leah King
Regional Director of Youth Engagement, NFTY–NE